Now Available: Dad Jokes: Getting Your Kids to Groan
Book Releases / May 11, 2020

Part of being a Dad (or mom, uncle, aunt, etc.) is being able to get kids to smile. This is possible if you are armed with the right “Dad Joke”. Dad Jokes: Getting Your Kids to Groan provides you just such joke and puns to elicit laughs and happy groans! The book is organized in a manner based on an annual calendar. There is one “Dad Joke” for each day of a year. There is even one for February 29th! If you choose to share your puns, you can start on the current date and work through the book from that point. Most of the entries are worded in a question/answer format such as: When does a joke become a Dad Joke?When it becomes apparent! This book is available now in Print and eBook formats! Get a copy: Amazon (print)! Amazon (ebook) ISBN (Print edition): 978-1-951410-63-6