Published: Small Sins

March 1, 2020

By Bradley Jones, March 1, 2020

You’ve heard that there are ten commandments and that there are seven deadly sins. While murder, theft, adultery, and the big ones are easy to avoid, the real question is…. are you aware of the small sins?

Different religions have their own set of rules. If you start talking about what is or is not a sin, you are sure to start a controversy. If you believe that a sin can cause a downfall, then the question becomes, are all of the sins equal? If so, then it truly isn’t the big sins that will get you. Rather, it will be the small sins.

  • How many of the items listed in this book
    do you believe are sins?
  • How many of these sins have you

This is a small book that is sure to raise controversy in what it has listed. That is the point of this book as it is intended to be a starting point for discussion. One of the core uses for this book is for home churches, Bible studies, small groups, or even Sunday school classes to be able to take a topic and discuss why it would have been put on the list.

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