Published: House Churches: Back to the Blueprint
Book Releases / August 21, 2019

By Linda Jones According to Matthew 6:10, the calling of the house church is to be an expression of the Kingdom of God on earth. This book provides guidance about getting together with others so that all of you can grow in your relationships with the Lord and with each other in a manner that centers around your faith in Christ. In House Churches Back to the Blueprint, you will: Learn why a house church is important and how they are scriptural. Explore first century ministry and its gifts as well as see how its gifts can be applied to today’s ministry. Review the important roles in the church. Investigate the gifts of the Spirit as mentioned in I Corinthians 12. Look at what it means to have a church in a New Testament manner. Discover the difference between prayer meetings, church services, and home churches. Dig into women’s roles in the church. Discuss some of the most relevant areas of the history of the church. The book includes: An outline on becoming a Christian An outline on receiving the Holy Spirit Baptism A list of 29 evangelism ideas that work! Buy now: Amazon

Published: Spot the Difference in Fishers, Indiana: City Parks Edition
Book Releases / August 19, 2019

By Bradley L. Jones Going from Ambassador House to Zimmer Park, this book is your guide to the multitude of parks and public outdoor destinations within the city of Fishers, Indiana. It is also your chance for having fun! For each park, you learn interesting tidbits, see a set of pictures including two for each park that are almost the same, but not quite! Looking at the pictures, you’ll need to see if you can spot the differences! You can time yourself, or race others to see who can spot the differences the quickest. You can also use the book as a list of places to search for within Fishers, Indiana to do interesting activities including hiking, biking, sledding, fishing, climbing, pickle ball, bird watching, and a variety of other outdoor sports. Can you find and visit all of the parks? Buy a copy: Amazon Sample from the book: