Published: Dots and Boxes Game

March 29, 2020

Sometimes we do things for ourselves, and that is the case with this book. This product was published in response to the Coronavirus and the need for people to stay home. This book was created so the author could get copies to use with his kids. Of course, since the work is done, Dots and Boxes is also being shared with the world!

This book has a singular focus – to provide game pages for the dots and boxes game. Other dots and boxes book found on Amazon provides simple rectangular game grid for this game. Some do the grids in one size; others do it in a couple of sizes.

Dots and Boxes provides super small, small, half page, and full page grids. It provides several pages of each. More importantly — and what makes this book much better — is that there are also grids that are presented in different shapes such as an hourglass, a smiley, a sailboat, a flower, a spider, and much more. It is the fun shapes that give the game a bit more fun!

This book is available now on Amazon for under $10. If you use the book for less than an hour, then you’ve gotten the value for the price. With the number of grids, however, you’ll have hours and hours of game play available.

Order a copy now: (print)

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