Published: My Journey in the Charismatic Renewal

February 18, 2020

By Linda Jones, Published in February 18, 2020.

In the late sixties and early seventies, the Charismatic Revival was often called the Jesus Movement. Like those in the hippie movement, many people who had accepted Christ were young and looking for answers to give meaning to life. The real meaning comes from Jesus who has a plan for every person. This outpouring was called the Charismatic Renewal because a great emphasis was on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, or charisma of God.

This book presents a testimony that is typical of many people who were a part of the Charismatic Movement. It is the story of Linda and her husband’s journey with Christ during those years. They were just striving to serve the Lord and were so in awe of the reality of the Holy Spirit.

History proves that the sixties and seventies did produce a supernatural, sovereign, move of God’s Spirit in the United States that eventually spread around the world. Their part in this spiritual awakening began in Tolono, Illinois, a small town just south of Champaign-Urbana…

Quotes from My Journey in the Charismatic Renewal:

  • “Many pastors were not too excited about this inter-denominational or trans-denominational move of the Holy Spirit.”
  • “A man received his sight in that meeting. Suddenly we began to feel the cold shoulder at the Methodist church.”
  • “I often laughed and said we were not poor, just broke a lot.”
  • “Many were healed during the meeting. It was one of the most powerful Pentecostal meetings I ever attended.”
  • “We and the four boys packed the camper and took off, preaching the gospel.”

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Charismatic Renewal

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