Published: Dad Jokes – Animals Edition
Book Releases / July 6, 2023

Published: June 27th, 2023 Author: Bradley L. Jones   Part of being a dad (or mom, uncle, aunt, etc.) is being able to get kids to smile. This is possible if you are armed with the right “Dad Joke”. This book provides you with the jokes and puns you need to elicit laughs from kids of all ages! Everybody loves a good dad joke or pun. Impress the kids with jokes and puns about their favorite animals. Elephants, cats, dogs, fish, hippos, zebras, and so many other animals are perfect topics for something punny, and this book delivers! The book contains hundreds of jokes and puns for you to read and share! Why is this a favorite book for zebras? Because it is in black and white! This is the purrfect book for cat lovers. Dog lovers will be howling with laughter. Pig fans will be squealing with delight. Squirrel groupies will go nuts for the humor! Order a copy now: Amazon (print)

Published: Dad Jokes: Getting Kids to Laugh
Book Releases / November 4, 2020

Published: November 4th, 2020 Author: Bradley L. Jones   Part of being a dad (or mom, uncle, aunt, etc.) is being able to get kids to smile. This is possible if you are armed with the right “Dad Joke”. This book provides you with the jokes and puns you need to elicit laughs from kids of all ages! This book is organized in a manner based on an annual calendar. There is one “Dad Joke” for each day of a year. There is even one for February 29th! You can read the book cover to cover, or you can start on the current date and work through the book one pun for each day! When does a joke become a Dad Joke?When it becomes apparent! Order a copy now: (print) (ebook)

Published: Dots and Boxes Game
Book Releases / March 29, 2020

Sometimes we do things for ourselves, and that is the case with this book. This product was published in response to the Coronavirus and the need for people to stay home. This book was created so the author could get copies to use with his kids. Of course, since the work is done, Dots and Boxes is also being shared with the world! This book has a singular focus – to provide game pages for the dots and boxes game. Other dots and boxes book found on Amazon provides simple rectangular game grid for this game. Some do the grids in one size; others do it in a couple of sizes. Dots and Boxes provides super small, small, half page, and full page grids. It provides several pages of each. More importantly — and what makes this book much better — is that there are also grids that are presented in different shapes such as an hourglass, a smiley, a sailboat, a flower, a spider, and much more. It is the fun shapes that give the game a bit more fun! This book is available now on Amazon for under $10. If you use the book for less than an…

Published: Small Sins
Book Releases / March 1, 2020

By Bradley Jones, March 1, 2020 You’ve heard that there are ten commandments and that there are seven deadly sins. While murder, theft, adultery, and the big ones are easy to avoid, the real question is…. are you aware of the small sins? Different religions have their own set of rules. If you start talking about what is or is not a sin, you are sure to start a controversy. If you believe that a sin can cause a downfall, then the question becomes, are all of the sins equal? If so, then it truly isn’t the big sins that will get you. Rather, it will be the small sins. How many of the items listed in this book do you believe are sins? How many of these sins have you committed? This is a small book that is sure to raise controversy in what it has listed. That is the point of this book as it is intended to be a starting point for discussion. One of the core uses for this book is for home churches, Bible studies, small groups, or even Sunday school classes to be able to take a topic and discuss why it would have…

Published: Punny or Not Book of Puns
Book Releases / February 29, 2020

By Bradley Jones, February 29th, 2020 Our next book is getting close to releasing! This book is a bit different from what we’ve been publishing, but we are sure you’ll find it to be a fun title to add to your collection. Punny or Not Book of Puns is exactly what the title implies – a book of puns! This book is stuffed full of puns believed to be among the punniest of the funny. The question is; do you think they are punny or not? The best way to find out is to either start at the beginning and work your way through or to simply make rand om choices from the book. There are over 365 puns separated into 16 categories. This gives you more than enough puns to use one a day to have fun with friends and family daily or to simply enjoy on your own.  Categories include:      Cats                 Dogs              Food             Wives      People            Fantasy         Sports           Language      Space            Math             School          And More! In this book, you’ll discover the answer to questions like the following: •  What kind of a car does a cat drive? • What…

Published: My Journey in the Charismatic Renewal
Book Releases / February 18, 2020

By Linda Jones, Published in February 18, 2020. In the late sixties and early seventies, the Charismatic Revival was often called the Jesus Movement. Like those in the hippie movement, many people who had accepted Christ were young and looking for answers to give meaning to life. The real meaning comes from Jesus who has a plan for every person. This outpouring was called the Charismatic Renewal because a great emphasis was on the gifts of the Holy Spirit, or charisma of God. This book presents a testimony that is typical of many people who were a part of the Charismatic Movement. It is the story of Linda and her husband’s journey with Christ during those years. They were just striving to serve the Lord and were so in awe of the reality of the Holy Spirit. History proves that the sixties and seventies did produce a supernatural, sovereign, move of God’s Spirit in the United States that eventually spread around the world. Their part in this spiritual awakening began in Tolono, Illinois, a small town just south of Champaign-Urbana… Quotes from My Journey in the Charismatic Renewal: “Many pastors were not too excited about this inter-denominational or trans-denominational move…

Published: House Churches: Back to the Blueprint
Book Releases / August 21, 2019

By Linda Jones According to Matthew 6:10, the calling of the house church is to be an expression of the Kingdom of God on earth. This book provides guidance about getting together with others so that all of you can grow in your relationships with the Lord and with each other in a manner that centers around your faith in Christ. In House Churches Back to the Blueprint, you will: Learn why a house church is important and how they are scriptural. Explore first century ministry and its gifts as well as see how its gifts can be applied to today’s ministry. Review the important roles in the church. Investigate the gifts of the Spirit as mentioned in I Corinthians 12. Look at what it means to have a church in a New Testament manner. Discover the difference between prayer meetings, church services, and home churches. Dig into women’s roles in the church. Discuss some of the most relevant areas of the history of the church. The book includes: An outline on becoming a Christian An outline on receiving the Holy Spirit Baptism A list of 29 evangelism ideas that work! Buy now: Amazon

Published: Spot the Difference in Fishers, Indiana: City Parks Edition
Book Releases / August 19, 2019

By Bradley L. Jones Going from Ambassador House to Zimmer Park, this book is your guide to the multitude of parks and public outdoor destinations within the city of Fishers, Indiana. It is also your chance for having fun! For each park, you learn interesting tidbits, see a set of pictures including two for each park that are almost the same, but not quite! Looking at the pictures, you’ll need to see if you can spot the differences! You can time yourself, or race others to see who can spot the differences the quickest. You can also use the book as a list of places to search for within Fishers, Indiana to do interesting activities including hiking, biking, sledding, fishing, climbing, pickle ball, bird watching, and a variety of other outdoor sports. Can you find and visit all of the parks? Buy a copy: Amazon Sample from the book:

Published: Charismatic Truth for Serious Disciples
Book Releases / March 11, 2019

By Jerry Jones Charismatic Truth for serious disciples is a concise teaching of charismatic truths. You’ll learn how to focus your worship time, improve your worship leadership skills, discover the importance of forgiveness in answering prayer, gain an understanding of the Holy Spirit, review the practicality of the gifts of the Spirit today, gain a simplified understanding of faith, engage with simple and effective leadership principles, and learn whether evangelism is for everyone. Buy a copy: Amazon

Published: Discipleship Training for Christian Outreach
Book Releases / July 17, 2018

By Linda and Jerry Jones Whether you do personal witnessing, street ministry, mission trips, or other types of outreach, it is important to have the right heart attitude that is needed. Gain the scriptural foundation you need in order to be an effective disciple of Christ by focusing on the foundational truths of the Kingdom of God and the Christian faith. This study guide provides a question and answer approach to lead you through core lessons for discipleship. Each lesson includes a series of scripture references that you can use to understand the subject matter. When you’ve completed this guide, you’ll have delved into the following key areas: Know what God has called you to do Understanding love as a motivating force Learn the importance of prayer Where righteousness comes from and how to receive it Explore how faith grows Research the two kingdoms Examine the four spiritual laws Review the ways of witnessing and sharing the Gospel Understand the Baptism of the Holy Spirit Learn about the miracles and prophetic in evangelism This study guide will give you the knowledge you need to be successful in doing Christian outreach. Buy a copy: Amazon